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The problem is that any sequence that can be manipulated in DOCS 
(resources (problems, other sequences, html) added and removed) physically 
resides in the course directory, not in resource space.

With the scheme of dumping the top-level sequence you could still set 
parameters (due dates, etc...) on the sub-folders (for example: assignment 
1). The hitch is that the instructor would have to got in as co-author to 
change a sequence and republish it.

Creating a course that is then cloned may be your best option for this.


On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Peter Kovac wrote:

> Greetings~
> 	We have a student creating and cleaning up some problems.  Since she's
> an undergrad, I'd prefer to not give her administrative powers in a
> running course (i.e., with grades) but I *would* like her to build the
> design of some courses for professors to administer.  Some of the people
> running these courses are going to need some hand-holding so the most
> work done for them beforehand, the better.
> 	My thought was to have her create .sequences and then either a) create
> a new course based on a .sequence or b) create a blank course and load a
> sequence.  I dumped the course DOCS from a previously run course and
> tried both.  Unfortunately, only the top-level sequence was editable
> from the DOCS screen so it appears that I could not assign due dates to
> the sub-folders/problems.  Is this expected behavior?  Is there a way to
> create a completely manipulatable course from a .sequence file?
> 	My other thought is to create a "[BASE] Astronomy 1" course and let the
> undergrad build the course there and then clone it.  Is there a better
> solution or something I'm missing?
> 	-P
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