[LON-CAPA-admin] manipulating .sequence subparts

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Jul 14 15:22:55 EDT 2005

Hi Peter,

> 	My thought was to have her create .sequences and then either a) create
> a new course based on a .sequence or b) create a blank course and load a
> sequence.  I dumped the course DOCS from a previously run course and
> tried both.  Unfortunately, only the top-level sequence was editable
> from the DOCS screen so it appears that I could not assign due dates to
> the sub-folders/problems.

I just want to stress here that you are able to modify all parameters
of all resources that appear in a course, even if you are using
published sequences. (Ah, remember the days when DOCS didn't even
exist and all sequences were published. And built with the advanced

> Is this expected behavior? 

Yes. (well expect for the trouble with PARMs...)

> Is there a way to create a completely manipulatable course from a
> .sequence file?

I'am guess what you would like here is when you 'Load' (not import) a
.sequence for it to 'Load' the contents of all sub sequences too. (and
sub-sub ...)

That does sounds like a good idea, and if it eisted it would be I
think a partial solution to the 'clone a course into an existing
course' desirte that gets floated by every once in a while.

> 	My other thought is to create a "[BASE] Astronomy 1" course and let the
> undergrad build the course there and then clone it.  Is there a better
> solution or something I'm missing?

This isn't a bad idea, but unfortunately then this isn't published and
thus can't be used by people outside of your domain and even inside of
your domain it isn't 'findable'. (Likely not a large concern for you
specifically right now, but it would probably be best for lon-capa as
a whole if we made this 'published' course structure idea easier.)

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