[LON-CAPA-admin] Invalid access on first page

lucasm at ohiou.edu lucasm at ohiou.edu
Tue Feb 10 08:46:08 EST 2004


I've got a strange one here - I'll submit a bug report later, but I need 
to figure this one out.

The typical course structure here is to use DOCS with an intro.html page,
the list of assignment sequences, and a trailer.html.

When the student or CC chooses the course, the intro.html page is the 
first page to come up.

Just last night, one of my instructors updated intro.html and students and 
CC now get the following error:

Invalid access

* They CAN still go into NAV and access anything, including that page.

* The same file at the beginning of a Dry Run course works fine. I even 
   added the assignments to this dry run course to have the map look the 
   same (though ID's will be different).

* I get the following errors in httpd/error.log:
[Tue Feb 10 08:26:55 2004] [error] access to 
/res/ohiou/psc/101/Winter2004/intro.html failed for, reason: 
Invalid symb for /res/ohiou/psc/101/Winter2004/intro.html: 

[Tue Feb 10 08:26:55 2004] [error] access to 
/res/ohiou/psc/101/Winter2004/intro.html failed for, reason: 
Invalid Access for lucas domain ohiou access bre

    I don't see anything wrong with the symb, but I've got to be missing 

    The top of the sequence has:

<resource id="9" src="/res/ohiou/psc/101/Winter2004/intro.html" 
type="start" tit
le="Physical Science 101 Homepage"></resource>
<link from="9" to="6" index="1"></link>

* For the time being I've inserted NAV at the top of the sequence.



Mark Lucas					email: lucasm at ohiou.edu
252D Clippinger Lab  				phone: (740)597-2984
Department of Physics and Astronomy             fax:   (740)593-0433
Ohio University
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