[LON-CAPA-admin] DOCS: No main documents

Lars Jensen jensen at physics.unr.edu
Wed Aug 25 13:57:00 EDT 2004

Hi Gerd,

Well our earlier discussion suggests that a docs course and a sequence 
course can be changed into one another:

I guess this is not true?

Gerd Kortemeyer wrote:

> On the Course Creation screen, where it comes to specifying sequences, 
> there is a table:
> * right side is for "old" style
> * left side if for "new" style
The only table I see has to so with clonong/not cloning, and in that 
table I will ne using the left side, since I'm not cloning. I did find 
out, that is I leave the map field empty, I "get"  a course I can choose 
to set up with DOCS. If I fill in the map fiels, I don't see any import 
options on the DOCS page, and apparently can only use the course with a 
sequence file. (This seems a little trial-and-error for me. A little 
direction on the CCRS page about this would be nice.)

Can you please confirm this?


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