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Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Wed Aug 25 14:40:07 EDT 2004

Hi Lars,

> Well our earlier discussion suggests that a docs course and a sequence 
> course can be changed into one another:
> http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-users/2004-May/001102.html
> I guess this is not true?

More like it is a simplification of how things work.

The thing to know is to never create an old style course.

And in fact I think I may actually remove this option from 1.3

Some more details were here:

What gerd was trying to say with his 2 line email:

1) Always create a new style course

2) If you want to export a course in a way that you can reuse it like
    an old style course, export it, publish it. And in the course you
    want to include it in just include that one sequnce in the class

3) If you want to include and old style course in a new style with new
   style control of the content, don't include the sequence but rather
   do a "Load Map" on the sequence (although it deosn't create folders
   from sub sequences... Hrrm maybe a "Recursive Load Map" should be
   an option)

If you _really_ want to convert a course from new style to oldstyle or
vice versa here are the ugly details I alluded to:

The course parm, 'top level sequence' control whether a course is new
style or old style.

In old style, the 'top level sequence' will be a /res/
(i.e. published) sequence.

When this is the case, DOCS can't muck with this sequence and so the
"Main Course Documents" sections is hidden.

If instead the 'top level sequence' is a /uploaded/ (i.e. 'userfile'/
unpublished and unshareable style resource)

Then DOCS can muck with it and allows you to do this.

* You can severally screw things up by not being perfect with the     *
* instructions below, if you break you it you get to keep both halves *

To convert a course from new style to old style, change the course
parm 'top level sequence' to the sequence you want.

To convert a course from old style to new style, change the course
parm 'top level sequence' to 

where <domain> is the domain that the course belongs to and <courseid>
is the internal course name, you can most easily get this info from
the Syllabus link on the roles page it will be the segment of the url
right before syllabus.

But then again that really is probably more information then one
really needed.

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