[LON-CAPA-admin] Spreadsheet hanging?

lucasm at ohiou.edu lucasm at ohiou.edu
Fri Nov 21 14:26:22 EST 2003


We're processing the spreadsheet from a course of about 224 students.

It seems to make it to student 218 and stop.

The instructor started it and it eventually hung. Started it again and it 
hung. I start it and it quickly goes through the cached students and then 
hangs on 218.

I'm going to look for a time window where I can restart loncontrol and 
httpd, but in the meantime is there something in 1.0.2 that might have 
caused this? Is there a way that the process may have been interrupted 
that would lead to this problem?



Mark Lucas					email: lucasm at ohiou.edu
252D Clippinger Lab  				phone: (740)597-2984
Department of Physics and Astronomy             fax:   (740)593-0433
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

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