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-As an author you can create a spreadsheet XML file to import into your course.  The file must be named with the extension .spreadsheet.  Example: 
+To use a spreadsheet in multiple courses, authors can create spreadsheet XML files in their authoring space. Published spreadsheets can be imported into courses. See \textbf{Loading a Spreadsheet Definition from a Published File} (\ref{Spreadsheet_Loading}). A spreadshet uses the syntax:
-<field col=A row=0>'Available Points:'</field>
-<field col=B row=0>&SUM('X*')</field>
-<field col=C row=0>'Awarded Points:'</field>
-<field col=D row=0>&SUM('Z*')</field> 
+<field col=A row=0>`Available Points:'</field>
+<field col=B row=0>&SUM(`X*')</field>
+<field col=C row=0>`Awarded Points:'</field>
+<field col=D row=0>&SUM(`Z*')</field> 
+See \textbf{Modifying the Spreadsheet} (\ref{Spreadsheet_Editing}) for more information on programming cells. The file must be saved in authoring space with the extension .spreadsheet.  Currently, a spreadsheet must be imported into authoring space as a .txt file and then renamed to a .spreadsheet. After it is published with the .spreadsheet extension, it can be imported into a course.

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