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 	\item Disable Chat Room Participation
 	\item Disable Discussion Participation
 	\item HTML preferences for posts
-	\item Course Feedback recipient settings (be sure at least one e-mail is listed).
-	\item Course Cloning Permissions
+	\item Course Feedback recipient settings. These settings configure the e-mail destination(s) for messages composed when students use the feedback link from the course menu bar or a resource. Be sure to configure an e-mail address for at least one category. For more information see the Feedback Messages section (\ref{Course_Prefs_Feedback}).
+	\item Course Cloning Permissions - configure who will be able to clone this course.
 When you are done going
-through the Helper, click the \fbox{Finish} button, which takes you to the Course Editor screen.
+through the Helper, click the \fbox{Finish} button, which takes you to the Course Editor screen. If you decide at a later time to change any course settings, they can be found in the Main Menu under ``Course Settings'' (\ref{Course_Environment})
 By default, the first resource in the course will be displayed when the students log-in and select a
 student role in your course.

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