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 problems; everything can be randomized, from the exact parameters
 in a given numerical problem to \emph{which} parameters are missing
 for a given student. See our Author's Manual for an idea of how powerful
-the assessment engine is (http://msu.loncapa.org/adm/help/author.manual.pdf),
-or try our Demo Course (http://demo.lon-capa.org/cgi-bin/signon.pl). 
+the assessment engine is (https://loncapa.msu.edu/adm/help/author.manual.pdf),
+or view some demo problems (http://loncapa.org/demo.html), or create an 
+account and an authoring space in the LON-CAPA Test Drive environment 
 Along with powerful online assessment, the randomization can be taken
 off-line as well. Customized exams can be printed for each student,
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 One especially interesting result has been its ability to nearly eliminate
 the gender gap in technical subjects such as physics, where men have
 traditionally outperformed women. 
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