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 \item Background colors for the page itself, the main panel, and the left
 (side) panel. 
 \item Text color used for text on the page
+\item Text colors used for active, visited and unvisited links
 \item Enable/disable display of three links: 
 \item Course/Community Catalog, for a catalog of courses and communities
 \item Admin E-mail, for the e-mail address of the administrator 
+\item Contact Helpdesk, to display a web form used to submit a help request 
 \item New User, for users to create their own accounts 
 \item Default colors for links in the page, depending on status: either
 active, visited or default (if neither apply).
+A ``Log-in Help'' link will be displayed immediately above any of the three optional links:
+Catalog, Contact Helpdesk and New User.  Configuration options determine to which
+file(s) the ``Log-in Help'' points. The default file can be replaced with a custom HTML file
+containing information pertinent to your institution.  In addition, versions of the custom
+file, translated into the twelve languages supported by LON-CAPA can be uploaded, and the
+link will automatically point to the appropriate (localized) file, depending on the viewer's 
+language preference (as reported by the client web browser).
+Where the ``Contact Helpdesk'' web form is in use it can be configured to include a CAPTCHA
+mechanism to discourage robotic form completion.  There are two types of CAPTCHA to choose
+from -- the ``original'' CAPTCHA which uses a self-contained perl module included with the
+LONCAPA prequisites, or ReCAPTCHA, which uses an external web service --
+https://google.com/recaptcha -- and requires you to create an account and generate public
+and private keys which will be entered in the domain configuration form.  If you have more
+than one server in your domain, you should request ``global'' keys, as the same keys will be
+used by the Contact Helpdesk ReCAPTCHA on all servers in your domain.

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