[LON-CAPA-admin] Excused Problems In Excel

Bynum, Lee Hamilton leebynum at illinois.edu
Wed Dec 6 14:28:23 EST 2017

Diving deeper, it looks like the excel and csv grade assessment charts and the html grade assessment charts are showing different things.  The spreadsheet versions are showing the computed points and the html version is replacing those points with characters in the case of things like excused problem parts.

The cases in which I am seeing x's in the spreadsheet grade assessments come from when the computed points are invalid for some reason.  I suspect those are caused by scores being logged prior to the problems being excused.

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Hi Everyone,

We have noticed that the grade sheets generated for Excel and CSV are placing 0's in the place of x's, most of the time.  In at least one problem a single student retained their excused x's in Chrome and Safari, but not Firefox.  The HTML grade sheets are working fine, so it feels as though something is going wrong with Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior?

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