[LON-CAPA-admin] Deny hosting of users from other domains but include specific domains

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Thu Jul 28 11:01:03 EDT 2011


Has anybody already customized the server settings to disallow hosting 
of users from other domains except those from some explicitly specified 

DC >> Set domain configuration >> User session hosting >> Hosting of 
users from other domains

I don't see the exceptions working:

The two servers are set to not allow hosting of users from other domains 
expect one:
- A only allows B (and own users from A)
- B only allows A (and own users from B)

But a login with a A-user on the B-server / with a B-user on the 
A-server always smoothly redirects to the home server A / B.

No other hosting restrictions are set. Version requirement "2.10.0 or 
later" doesn't appear to have any influence - tested with both set and 
not set on both servers.

Both servers are running CentOS, ssl rewriting, 2.10.0.

Any idea?

Stefan Bisitz

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