[thedump] The LON-CAPA "911" Emergency Number

Gerd Kortemeyer thedump@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:13:50 -0400


As the new semester starts, we would like to make sure that our systems 
are up and available, and that always somebody from LON-CAPA is 
available in case of "emergencies."

We have thus purchased a cellphone, which at all times a group member 
with sufficient system privileges is going to carry around - you may 
reach different staff at different times, though.

The number is

  (...) ...-.... (not shown)

Examples of emergencies are system unavailability or overload 
situations, as well as suspected major data loss. Think of this as the 

Do not - under any circumstances - give this number to students: we 
expect to have approximately 15,000 students online this semester. The 
phone number will not be posted on the web, so please keep this email 
for your records.

For any other problems, during normal business hours, please email 
(preferred) or phone

  Felicia Berryman
  Domain Coordinator for MSU
  (517) 432-9866.

As Felicia may sometimes be out of the office when giving a demo or 
working one-on-one with a user, please leave a message on her voice 
mail, and she will contact you back. When Felicia is on vacation, she 
will continue to set up auto-reply on her email, and adjust her voice 
mail message accordingly.

As always, suspected system defects and enhancement ideas should be 
submitted at


For help regarding authoring and course management, please turn to

  http://help.lon-capa.org/ ,

consult the

  online contextual help within the system (marked with a blue "?"),

and/or download the manuals at


You may also want to sign on to the

  lon-capa-users mailing list



which usually has a quick turnaround and gets monitored by the 

*** One last thing on a different note: please do not give out


to students - this system is for you as instructors, and we try to 
maintain maximum availability for you on it.

Students should ALWAYS only be given


as address, which is a load-balancing server cluster.

Good luck for the new semester!

- The LON-CAPA Team.