[LON-CAPA-users] Making exams

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 3 Oct 2003 12:09:43 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Ray,

> > What are the specific printout issues that you see?
> > 
> Well... fussy little things mainly:
> I did this already with one scantron quiz.  Messed around a bit
> deciding which PARMS to set for which questions. Some residual
> issues were:
> 1) For problemstyle "checkout", type "problem", problemstatus "No",
>    the printout still displays the "Tries 0/99" (if tries not set) or "Tries 
> 0/1" (if set to 1).

Currently problemstyle has no effect anywhere, I expect to eventually
make this the switch for 'bubble' or 'textentry' and put 'checkout'
somewhere else. (Checkout only really becomes interesting once we have
sub interval times, but that isn't going to happen for 1.1)

> 2) While problems of type "Exam" seem to get the number of pts displayed in 
> the printout.  The problems of type "problem" do not. 

Yeah, I was always against this automatic tweaking of the problem
display mode and really would have prefered that we have stuck to
using the style file for this kind of rewriting, but I was overruled.

> 3) While the problems of type "Exam" got numbered (each part).
> Problems of type "problem" did not.  This was actually fortunate in
> this instance because I wanted to have the numerical ones in a
> separate section from the multiple choice ones and so wanted to
> start numbering from 1 again.  I finally hardcoded the problem
> number into the problem statement outtext block for the numerical
> ones.

Hrrm, I don't think we could do something about this, some kind of
transition page that causes the numbering to start from scratch again.

> 3.1) While I'm thinking of parts -- the parts points did not get included in 
> the printout, only the problem points.

On the problems set to 'exam' mode or ones set to default? (The 'exam'
ones should get part points printed.)

> 4) Could get it to print in 2 column mode but not 1 column.  Not
> sure if this is just me or some little bug in the latex conversion.
> I foresee a wagon-load of tedious little printing issues to be navigated in 
> order to produce printed exam sheets that people will be happy with.


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