[LON-CAPA-users] Course Navigation Design

Mark Lucas lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 12:36:03 -0400 (EDT)


Does anyone out there have examples of what they might consider good or 
innovative course layouts? Or for that matter, what do people use?

We're looking for ideas that will help structure a course so that students
have a clear idea what's where and can get at it easily.

I would classify this in two categories:

* structuring the sequences and using navmaps

* placing some hardlinks on the 'home page'

We've been using a standard -

 * home page.html
 * assign1.sequence
    - intro1.html - for any custom comments on the assignment
    - bunch of problems
    - trailer1.html - to let students know they're at the end
 * assign2.sequence
 * trailer.html

This last quarter I used:

 * intro.html
 * assignments.sequence
    - assign1.sequence
    - assign2.sequence
 * reading.sequence - list of reading assignments
    - reading assignments by day, individual html files
 * study.html - study guides
 * lecture.sequence - lecture notes
    - sequences for each week's material
 * quiz.html - page directly linking to quiz solutions
 * trailer.html

We are considering a format:

* intro.html
* Chapter 1
   - lecture1.sequence
   - study guide1.html
   - reading1.sequence
   - quickcheck1.sequence
   - assign1.sequence
* Chapter 2
   - lecture2.sequence
   - study guide 2.html
   - ....
* Exams.html
* trailer.html

I presume it would not be good to use assignment.sequence for everything 
as that would cause some problems where maps are unique only by last name 
in the sequence of sequences.

As far as placing direct URL links in the home page, what kinds of things
have the biggest return on investement 8) ? Things that have to be 
modified each week can be a pain.  If things are linked directly, when a 
student presses NAV, will it expand properly? (I know, something I can go 
and check.)

So - any comments on the above? Suggestions for alternate designs?
Comments on how to put things together so students can wander around
quickly and easily?

Thanks for sharing any ideas!


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