[LON-CAPA-users] DOCS - pros and cons?

Gerd Kortemeyer lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 08:32:59 -0500


Here are the current plans:

* if a course coordinator also is or becomes an author in the system,
there will be an "archive" functionality for their DOCS. The function
will dump all of the current course docs into the author's construction
space. The reason that this is not in place yet is the extra-challenge
for us that the course's home server might be different from the
author's home server.

* when the domain coordinator starts a new course, there will be an
option to "clone" a course which the course coordinator or somebody else
previously taught. Challenge is same as above: new and old course might
be housed on different servers.

In summary, I need to figure out a way to safely copy DOCS from one
server to another, the rest is easy.

- Gerd.

Travis Souza wrote:

>  Mark, I agree with your assesment.  The docs feature will be a
> lifesaver if the cons you listed can be addressed.  It would
> definitely be nice to export the sequence file(s) generated by the
> docs tool.  With a Course Coord that is also an author it could dump
> the sequence to the construction space.  For non-authors it could
> export the xml file to save on disk and then later upload to a
> construction space. I would guess the big problem would be
> non-published internal documents uploaded or generated through the
> docs tool.  Published and external resources should be okay if the
> sequence can be exported..correct? Would it be possible to export non
> published resources as their respective file types? Travis  Travis
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> >>> lucas@lucas.phy.ohiou.edu 01/23/03 06:34AM >>>
> Gerd (and anyone else),
>     We too are looking into the DOCS shortly as the easiest way to get
> someone going on the system. What are the pros and cons of using DOCS?
> What are the limitations that we may not have considered yet?
> Are the following statements accurate?
> pro: upload course-only documents simply without going through a
> publication process.
> pro: simple templates are provided for some standard documents
> con: cannot reuse items that have not been published.
> con: sequences put together under DOCs cannot be re-used elsewhere.
> Ie,
> you can't paste together an assignment in a 'dry-run' course under
> docs
> and then move it into a 'running' course.
> con: you cannot 'duplicate' your course later for another course.
> Thanks!
> Mark
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