[LON-CAPA-users] functionplotresponse problems

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Thanks for sharing this example.

On Sat, 1 Jun 2019, at 19:32, SIMIN, GRIGORY wrote:
> Hi, HK

> I attached one of the problems using function plot response that I’ve created and used in my Electric Circuits class.

> It works fine except there are several peculiarities that one has to keep in mind when using function plot response.

> Most of them I’ve learned by trial and error.

> 1. Function plot problem cannot be a part of composite page.

> 2. There are certain issues with checking “prior tries” in case student would say that his/her previous try was correct. Lon-CAPA stores prior tries for function plot response in a form of some array that I wasn’t be able to read or interpret.

> 3. Once in a while (one out of 40 students) encounter strange issue: after they submit the plot, LON-CAPA response is “not a function”. No matter what you do after that, it would still display this message: change the curve, do not change the curve etc. It does not depend on the OS – windows or MAC. We were not able to figure out what causes it.


> Due to issues 2,3 I do not use FPR in exams, only in homework.

> Please let me know if I can be of more help.

> Thanks,

> Grigory


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> Good morning,


> I am looking for examples of functionplotresponse problems (one where a student can resize/drag a vector,..) Let me know if you don't mind sharing the source codes. Thanks.


> Regards,

> -hk


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