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I have constructed a problem similar to yours, but I don't have time to
respond immediately. I will follow with some suggestions probably tomorrow.
My problems have constructed multiple parts. We used an image on the
background, and I am told by the students developing the problem that the
background image did not 'stick' with Chrome, but was OK with firefox and
IE. We adjusted the geogebra axes to match the figure axes, and everything
scaled fine on our tests.


I need to take a look, but I should be able to help with some aspects of the
multiple parts, etc. We are having students place line segments one point at
a time, so we are evaluating points rather than vectors. Because we do one
point at a time, we show the correct answer after they have expended their
trials on the first point of each segment, and then they can try to place
the second point. Then if that is still wrong, we show them the entire
segment and then the move to the next segment. My resource is not published
yet, but I may be able to polish it in the next couple days. I will share
the source code.


My recommendation is to consider multiple part problems as opposed to having
them try to do a bunch of steps all at once. That way the partial credit
concept still applies, but generally the scores are pretty high anyway. I
consider loncapa a tool to help coach the students, not to examine them.


We also had to do a lot of learning to use geogebra. We had to play a lot to
learn how to properly use the javascript to pass answers from geogebra to
loncapa, and how to use sig digits also. You should not need to do a lot of
post processing.


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Sorry for another post, but the problems I have been constructing in recent
weeks use areas that are new to me, such as gnuplot and Geogebra. I keep
getting close, but not quite finishing some of the new problems. 


Right now I am building a quiz question that requires students to place six
vectors on a single set of axes. I have figured out how to place the initial
vectors for them to move into place, then separately evaluate the
correctness of each vector. Is there a way to assign 1/6 of the grade for
each vector, so if a student places some of them correctly but some
incorrectly, they get partial credit on the problem instead of all/none? I
thought I might be able to do this with some pre- or post-processing of the
answer(s), but the standard LON-CAPA examples I have found have no comments
in the code, and I have not been able to figure them out (if that is even
the right approach.).


Best regards,


Gene L. Harding, PE

Associate Professor of ECET


Purdue University-South Bend


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