[LON-CAPA-users] Algebra Expression Rendering in LON-CAPA

Damien Guillaume damieng at msu.edu
Fri Jan 13 22:16:52 EST 2017

> This is the call from the xml to render it:
> <center> <algebra>$function</algebra></center>

The algebra element has its own syntax. I do not know if it is 
documented, but we can look at the code at

The regular expressions used to recognized functions are:
my $trigfname = '(?:(?:a(?:rc)?)?(?:sin|cos|tan|sec|csc|cot)h?)';
my $otherfunc = 

There is no sum. To display a sum, you could use the TeX syntax as Gerd 
suggested, within <m>$ $</m>.


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