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Gerd Kortemeyer kortemey at msu.edu
Fri Jan 13 10:39:26 EST 2017


It’s \sum

as in


- Gerd.

> On Jan 13, 2017, at 10:29 AM, Harding, Gene L <glhardin at purdue.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having trouble rendering an algebraic expression with a summation sign (capital Sigma). I want an expression that looks like this, using variables for the numeric portions of the expression:
> <image003.jpg>
> I am able to render the integration sign using this code:
> $function = "$numer/$denom  [pi + int($sum_numer/($sum_denom_n_coeff n - $sum_denom_const),1,3)*sin($w nt)]";
> …providing an expression that looks like this:
> <image004.png>
> But when I try to render the summation sign using this code:
> $function = "$numer/$denom  [pi + sum($sum_numer/($sum_denom_n_coeff n - $sum_denom_const),n,1,3)*sin($w nt)]";
> …I get the following:
> <image005.png>
> I have spent a couple of hours looking through the Maxima Manual and other references, as well as some examples I have found online, but have not been able to figure out the syntax for rendering the summation sign. Can anyone offer advice on how to do this?
> Also, although not so important, if someone can tell me how to replace the outer parentheses with square brackets, and/or how to display the numeric part of the sine argument with commas (e.g., 90,000 vs 90000), I would really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
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