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The cells not otherwise in use in the grades spreadsheet are programmable, so my guess is that the other instructor has programmed to spreadsheet in the way you describe.  
A cell can be programmed to do almost anything that can be done in a spreadsheet.

While in the course coordinator/instructor role, go to the spreadsheet, and go to an individual student's (student-level) spreadsheet.  Then click on the cell in question, and you can see how that cell was programmed.  If you don't have instructor access to that spreadsheet, you may want to just meet with the other instructor to do this.

The other instructor might be calling on some internal LC functionality to get the "Attempted" value, perhaps accessing the number of tries on the problems in the folder.
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Good morning,

In my loncapa courses, the student view of the Grades table has "Folder" as the first column header and "Points Scored/Total" as the second column header. A different instructor's course has different headings: "Folder" is the header in the first column, but the second reads "Points Scored / Attempted / Total".

I cannot determine what "Attempted" means or why it is there. Anyone seen this? Any ideas?


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