[LON-CAPA-users] instructor-assigned slots

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Tue Jul 5 20:03:40 EDT 2016


To assign an instructor-assignable slot to a specific student for an  
exam you need to set the "Slots of availability [Part: 0] (available)"  
parameter at an Enclosing Map level for a particular student.

However, if there are more than a handful of students you might want  
to create a group, and make those students who will be assigned to the  
specific slot members of that group. Then you would set the "Slots of  
availability [Part: 0] (available)" parameter at an Enclosing Map  
level for the group to which they belong.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting "Mills, Douglas G" <dmills at illinois.edu>:

> Hi All,
> We're using student-selected slots for students to schedule   
> themselves into online ProctorU proctored Lon-Capa exams vs.   
> face-to-face proctored Lon-Capa exams. Some students, of course, did  
>  not make the deadline for choosing slots, and the instructor does   
> not want to extend the slot deadline, so I've cloned the existing   
> student-selectable slots into exact copies that are   
> teacher-assignable slots. However, I'm having a hard time seeing how  
>  to actually assign the errant students into those slots.  I know   
> that the new slot names need to be added to Slots of Availability   
> (separated by : for more than one slot) but then wondered if the way  
>  slots are assigned is to do that with specific slots for specific   
> students -- is that how the slots are assigned for a resource for a   
> student?  Or is that added generally for the resource and in some   
> other interface the students are assigned to the slots for that   
> resource?  We're good now with the student-selected slots, but this   
> is eluding me. Thank you as always!
> Doug
> Douglas Mills
> Director of Instructional Technology
> Department of Chemistry
> University of Illinois

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