[LON-CAPA-users] Quiz Timer Reset

Harding, Gene L glhardin at purdue.edu
Fri Aug 26 10:39:25 EDT 2016


Is there a way to reset the timer parameter for a single student in an online quiz in LON-CAPA?  I recently had a student, who was new to LON-CAPA, misunderstand how the quizzes work.  He thought a three-question quiz was three independent quizzes, so he did the first question, then returned later to do the other two and found he was locked out.  I could not figure out how to reset the timer parameter for him, and ultimately ended up deleting the timer parameter for the entire class.  (Resetting those two questions in the grading area did not work.)  Is there a way to reset the timer for one student?


Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET
Purdue University-South Bend

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