[LON-CAPA-users] Illegal division by zero

Bob Gonzales rgonzal at binghamton.edu
Fri May 29 08:44:45 EDT 2015


I've gotten a couple of email bombs on a problem where the error is
"Illegal division by zero".  The text of the message is:

Illegal division by zero at (eval 53074) line 5.

 occurred while running

$ansb=($ansa/$f1)* $f2 * 6.0221e23;

The "Script Vars" in the message shows "$f1=6.0221e+23".  The actual code
defines $f1 as "6.0221e23" via a &choose function.

This has happened for 3 students on 3 different access servers.

Does anyone have any ideas about what's going on or what I'm doing wrong

Bob Gonzales
Chemistry Dept
Binghamton University
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