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Corey Musolff musolffc at msu.edu
Thu Jun 25 00:04:29 EDT 2015

Hi David,

At MSU we have a similar situation with simultaneous online and on campus
exams.  I think the solution to your problem is "blocking events" which can
be enabled as follows:

   1. Go to "Settings -> Content Settings"
   2. Click "Blocking Communication/Resource Access" in the left column
   3. Select "Add new blocking event"
   4. Select "Triggered by Activating Timer"
   5. Select your exam from the list below.  Anything with a time limit
   associated with it should show up.
   6. From the options on the right, check everything you want to block.
   We block everything.
   7. When you check "Content" you will see a popup window with your course
   contents.  Check all of the folders you want to block during the exam.

Linking the blocking event to your timed exam means that the blocking will
occur separately for each student only while they are taking it.  Since you
said you created slots, I assume you know how to do that part.  Let me know
if you have any other questions.

Corey Musolff
MSU, Physics & Astronomy

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> 11pm on the eve of our first LON-CAPA Math exam day and we have reached a
> deal-breaker moment. ANY help you can offer would be appreciated. (I'd call
> tech support....but you are it.)
> We have 4 testing environments, all accessing an exam folder with 10
> dynamic problems in it.
> 1)      On campus in a lab 25 students
> 2)      On campus in a lab 25 students
> 3)      Students visiting human proctored testing centers
> 4)      Online Proctored exams
> We setup slots for each of those 4 groups and students are in them
> We setup Open and Due dates for the Exam folder to match the entire window
> of testing
> We set Parameters for 99 tries, 1 hour limit
> The deal breaker issue is this:
> While taking the test, students can still access the content and homework
> problems. We thought of just hiding them, but due to the 24 testing window
> for proctoring, it would leave many students without access to study
> materials prior to their exam session.
> How do we overcome this and avoid going back to pencil\paper, which we
> will likely due tomorrow, since we are out of time.
> David Huckleberry
> Educational Technologist
> Innovations in Technology and Learning
> ITaP
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