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It may be easier to use the spreadsheet. There is a good thread on a good
way to do this in Feb 2015 archives. 


Read the thread for 

Automatically decrease point value.

I realize that is not what you want to do exactly, but there are some good
hints about using the spreadsheet that I have not had time to add to
documentation. I don't know if this will work with the way you interface
with Blackboard.


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Here's how I'd accomplish this task.


In Course Coordinator Role, i.e., course has been created in LON-CAPA at

Main Menu > Modify parameter settings. > Edit Resource Parameters - Table
Mode > Resource Specification


In Resource Specification, be sure to select "Resource Level" for Parameter
Level, and "All Parts" for Parts to Veiw.

In Parameter Specification, Parameters to View, select "Weight" (and likely
"Maximum Number of Tries")

Since I don't know whether this class is one big section or multiple
sections, in the User Specification select what is appropriate.

Click on "Update Display" at bottom left.


You will see the table with all the problem parts with the Weight parameter
with just an asterisk (and Maximum number of tries with an asterisk, too).


For each of the 63 parts, click on the Weight asterisk and put
0.04761904761905 (3 pts/63).



Laurie Iten



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We have a faculty member that needs to be able to make a 63 question
homework be worth only 3 points, and have that sync to BlackBoard Learn.



HW 1 of MA 16010 has 63 parts to it, so it looks like it is worth 63 points.
How do we convert that to 3pts offered for each homework?


I know math wise it is (#right/63)*3 but how do we do that in the LC
gradebook so a score out of 3 is synced to Bb Learn?






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