[LON-CAPA-users] modify resource parameter settings for a number of users at a time

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Wed Feb 11 15:46:50 EST 2015

You can make a group with those students and then modify the parameters
for the whole group at one time.


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technologies
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois
dmills at illinois.edu
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On 2/11/15, 2:33 PM, "Joseph Mingrone" <jrm at mathstat.dal.ca> wrote:

>For a given assignment or test, we often have to modify a resource in
>the same way for a number of students.  For example, 20 students might
>be writing a makeup exam on a different day.  Right now, I'm doing this
>for each student individually:
>- Main Menu
>- Modify parameter settings (due dates, etc) for resources
>and the course
>- Edit Resource Parameters - Table Mode
>then I fill out the /User Specification/ form for one student, make the
>changes, then go back and put the information in for the next student.
>Is there a way to do this for several students at once?
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