[LON-CAPA-users] Significant digits in customresponse: "Submission not graded. Use more digits."

Jacob bond13 at purdue.edu
Sat Dec 19 03:22:04 EST 2015

I would really like to know how to suppress the automated responses and use
a custom message on a neutral return code.  Even better would be a way to
throw a neutral return code (with a custom message) from a math response,
though I'm not holding out hope that this is possible.

Jacob Bond

>Hi Doug,
>Thanks, using own feedback would be indeed a possibility. How do you
>manage this? I am not aware that the rather old idea of a neutral return
>code in custom response for own purposes has been implemented yet. Do
>you use conditional hints?
>Stefan Bisitz
>Am 03.03.2014 19:18 schrieb Mills, Douglas G:
>>/Hi Stefan, />>//>>/I posed the same question about a year and a half ago ‹ not sure there was />>/an answer for it though. For other reasons we ended up suppressing the />>/automated responses and using our own, so for the sig fail simply tell the />>/students to check their sig figs. />>//>>/Doug/

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