[LON-CAPA-users] a user's last login IP address

Amos Lee lee at math.usask.ca
Sat Aug 22 00:13:47 EDT 2015

Thanks for the explanation, Mark.  Resorting to the log file on the Apache
server would be sort of a last resort for me.  I was hoping to avoid doing

   If we indeed look at the activity log file for a particular user, would
your perl script be able to filter out only those activities related to a
given question/resource for a given assignment?

Amos Lee
Math & Stats
Univ of Sask

On 21/08/2015 8:40 PM, Lucas, Mark wrote:
> Amos,
> The Student Recent Activity lists IP addresses, but that obviously gives you a huge amount of
> data and cannot be filtered by date.
> If you have root access, there is an activity log file under the user�s directory that lists the
> time, IP address, machine logged into, etc� for every user access of the system. This tends
> to record things done outside a course, like logging in, being moved between machines,
> selecting roles(?), and then printouts (in a course). It�s typically a fairly small file and is plain
> text. The only issue for me is that you have to convert the time stamp to human-readable form.
> I have a small perl script to do this.
> Later,
> Mark
> On Aug 21, 2015, at 10:30 PM, Amos Lee <lee at math.usask.ca> wrote:
> > Does the current version of Lon Capa have a way to display a list of IP
> > addresses with which a user is logging in from during a given time
> > interval, say, when a given assignment is open? 
> > 
> > Amos Lee
> > Math & Stats
> > Univ of Sask
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