[LON-CAPA-users] How to delete a folder in construction space

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Mon Sep 22 13:54:22 EDT 2014

Hi Itay,

> How can I efficiently delete a folder and its contents?

If your domain is running LON-CAPA 2.11.0, and your web server is  
using SSL (i.e., URLs begin: https://), then your Domain Coordinator  
can enable webDAV for all authors (or for just selected authors).

See: https://loncapa.msu.edu/adm/help/tex/Domain_Configuration_Quotas.hlp

With webDAV enabled for you, you could then mount your Authoring Space  
as a Volume on your desktop (details on how depend on the OS you are  

You could then delete an entire folder by dragging the folder to  
Trash, using the standard file management tools provided by your OS.   
Note: if the folder contains any published resources, or likewise any  
sub-folders within it contain published resources, you will not be  
able to delete the folder, without first republishing those published  
resources, with the "Marked Obsolete" flag set.

Note: the "Publish directory" functionality within the LON-CAPA web  
interface allows you to recursively re-publish a directory marking all  
resources within it obsolete.

There is an open enhancement request:


to provide an interface to delete all resources in a folder using the  
LON-CAPA web interface. I expect that will be addressed for the  
LON-CAPA 2.12 release.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Itay <itayf at nospammail.net>:

> Hi,
> I am baffled by what seemed to me to be a very simple problem.
> While experimenting with lon-capa I have created (role: author)
> a folder with >50 resource files inside in the construction
> space.
> When I wanted to delete the folder using the pull-down menu, I
> got an error with response that the directory has to be empty.
> Now, deleting the >50 resources within the folder, one-by-one,
> is no fun at all.
> How can I efficiently delete a folder and its contents?
> Thank you in advance,
> Itay

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