[LON-CAPA-users] default.meta files

Itay itayf at nospammail.net
Mon Oct 27 03:18:39 EDT 2014


Whenever I click the "publish" button for a resource there is a list of
notifications of the form "*No file: */priv/SOME/PATH/default.meta" The
contextual online help doesn't say much about those files, rather it
speaks about meta data in general.

Otherwise I didn't find any mention of these files in the online
author guide.

My assumption is that having such files will ease the process of

My questions:
1. How can I create these default meta files.
2. Once they would be created: would I be able to edit them offline (as
   I would with problem files)?

Examples of meta files, or pointers to further documentation
would be great.

Thanks in advance, Itay

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