[LON-CAPA-users] New Content/Problem Editor - Input needed NOW

Damien damieng at msu.edu
Thu Oct 9 20:08:25 EDT 2014

> Actually, I'm not even sure that <part></part> has a defining border, maybe it just has the light grey bgcolor?
> At present it is hard to see the "white" (or no colour) to light grey boundary.
> Have a look at any multipart problem in "Edit".

Yes, I see it: a light gray background, #F0F0F0. I did not notice it 
before. Currently I don't have colors for borders in the new editor, but 
they are all equally visible. That might change in the future. I am 
concerned that making these boxes too visible (with bright colors) could 
distract users from the content they are editing.

> Another suggestion:
> The minimum vertical space to which boxes can shrink might well be smaller to reduce white vertical space in the display.  One of the obvious issues with using "EDIT" is that one has to do a lot of scrolling because of wasted vertical space.

We have already identified this problem, and the new editor is taking 
less vertical space. This also reduces the need for brightly colored 
boxes, because it is easier to see element limits. On top of that, I 
added buttons to summarize the attributes (all the attribute fields are 
turned into a single string with the list of attributes, as in the XML 
source), and to completely collapse a box.

> I'm thinking, in particular, of "text" boxes, especially ones within foils.

These ones are gone: text can now be mixed with other elements without 
the need for boxes in the editor, and without the need for 
startouttext/endouttext in the source.


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