[LON-CAPA-users] New Content/Problem Editor - Input needed NOW

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Thu Oct 9 19:30:49 EDT 2014

Actually, I'm not even sure that <part></part> has a defining border, maybe it just has the light grey bgcolor?
At present it is hard to see the "white" (or no colour) to light grey boundary.

Have a look at any multipart problem in "Edit".

Another suggestion:

The minimum vertical space to which boxes can shrink might well be smaller to reduce white vertical space in the display.  One of the obvious issues with using "EDIT" is that one has to do a lot of scrolling because of wasted vertical space.

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"The borders are currently very visible in the colorful editor. Do you 
mean that we should add some blinking :-) or that some borders should be 
*less* visible, so that the important ones stand out ?"

A big No! to blinking or any other kind of "actions".  
But "white" or light grey to delineate a box is basically a pretty bad idea, as is presently the case for <part></part>.

I suspect that, if you simply made that one box a bolder contrasting colour, I'd be completely happy with it.


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