[LON-CAPA-users] How to increase group portfolio quota?

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Thu Mar 27 12:55:55 EDT 2014


I'd like to increase the group portfolio quota for one group in one 
specific course.

Since I don't see any group or course level setting, the domain default 
for portfolio quota (*1) has been increased lately (used to be 20 MB).

Two issues now:
- Little one: When creating a new course, the portfolio quota setting 
(*2) still offers 20 MB as default. Shouldn't it be the new value?

- Main issue:
I tried to create a new group in the course including group portfolio. 
LON-CAPA still allows only 20 MB to assign to this group (*3). The 
course has been created before the domain configuration change.

I cannot find any course configuration or other setting to increase this 
20 MB. Shouldn't it be just the domain setting?

It appears though that the user's portfolio quota has increased after 
the domain configuration (*1) change.

Any help is appreciated.

Stefan Bisitz

(*1): Domain Configuration -> "User blogs, personal information pages, 
portfolios" -> "Portfolio quota"

(*2): "Set a quota for the total disk space available for storage of 
course group portfolio files"

(*3): "A total of 20 MB can be divided amongst all groups in the course, 
and 20 MB are currently unallocated."

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