[LON-CAPA-users] limited number of concurrent users during midterm

Joseph Mingrone jrm at mathstat.dal.ca
Mon Mar 3 22:40:00 EST 2014

Our first CAPA-based midterm went well, but there was one hiccup.

After all but one student in the class logged in to take the test, no
one else could log in.  (Quite a lucky coincidence only one of just
under 200 students was left out.)  When anyone tried, including course
administrators, they were redirected to the dead URL http://capa/.  The
load on the server seemed OK, but perhaps some configurable limit was
hit?  We believe they saw this dead URL because of a small bug in our
version of CAPA, 2.10.1-2011113023.  When a user logs out, then clicks
the "Log in again" link, instead of being taken to the correct URL he is
taken to http://capa.  The server administrator has set the correct
portal url, but after some cron jobs run it's set back.  Maybe it's this
bug we're seeing:

The pressing question: Is there a way to prevent the concurrent login
limitation for our next midterm?



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