[LON-CAPA-users] questions about our first exam - partial marks

Gerd Kortemeyer korte at lite.msu.edu
Mon Feb 3 07:07:26 EST 2014


Both things will be a problem, there is no easy solution:

* Partial credit based on number of tries will not work like suggested in the mailing list, as the weight cannot be set from inside a problem. Way in the past, people did something similar using the built-in spreadsheet, but I would stay out of that.

* Option response does partial credit already, but not negative: the system will only split that total weight of the problem into the number of foils, and then give partial credit for each correct one. LON-CAPA does not have the concept of taking points away.

I would suggest to go back to the faculty and tell him/her that it’s just not an option. If you find a system that can do this, I would be interested in how they built the interface.

- Gerd.

On Feb 2, 2014, at 10:48 PM, Joseph Mingrone <jrm at mathstat.dal.ca> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been asked to write an exam and I'm struggling with the request to
> assign students partial marks under certain conditions.
> The first condition is based on the number of tries the student takes to
> get the correct answer.  For example, if the student gets the correct
> answer on the second try (after a hint has been displayed) we would like
> to give her half the weight of the question.  Maybe the custom response
> problem is the way to go?  Maybe we're trying to force a square block
> into a round hole?  If you've done this, example code would be great.
> I've seen the post below, but the solution isn't clear to me.
> http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-users/2012-August/004127.html
> The second condition is for an Option Response with a foil group.  The
> professor would like to assign 0.5 for each correct option chosen and
> -0.5 for each incorrect option chosen.
> After reading the author manual, this is my best guess.
>  <part id="assumptions">
>    <parameter name="maxtries" id="75" type="int_pos" default="1" description="Maximum Number of Tries" />
>    <parameter name="problemstatus" id="78" type="string_problemstatus" default="answer" description="Show Problem Status" />	
>    <startouttext />(g) Indicate the correct statements<endouttext />
>    <customresponse>
>      <optionresponse max="6" id="80" randomize="no" TeXlayout="horizontal">
> 	<foilgroup checkboxvalue="True" options="('True','False')" noprompt="1" checkboxoptions="nochoice">
> 	  <foil location="bottom" value="True" name="foil-ev">
> 	    <parameter name="weight" id="94" type="float_pos" default="0.5" description="Weight" />
>            <startouttext />Statement 1<endouttext />
> 	  </foil>
> 	  <foil location="bottom" value="False" name="foil-es">
>            <startouttext />Statement 2<endouttext />
> 	  </foil>
> 	  <foil location="bottom" value="False" name="foil-n8">
>            <startouttext />Statement 3<endouttext />
> 	  </foil>
> 	  <foil location="bottom" value="True" name="foil-nd">
>            <startouttext />Statement 3<endouttext />
> 	  </foil>
> 	</foilgroup>
>      </optionresponse>
>      <answer type="loncapa/perl">
>       ### code here to check the indices of $$submission and add .5 for
>    each correct option chosen and subtract 0.5 for each incorrect option chosen... ###
> 	return(ASSIGNED_SCORE,0.3);
>      </answer>
>    </customresponse>
>  </part>
> Thanks for any tips,
> Joseph
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