[LON-CAPA-users] Forcing students to submit valid expressions for formula responses.

Angus Findlay afindlay at mta.ca
Wed Oct 23 11:02:17 EDT 2013

Justin and Gerb,

Thank you for your insights. I will deal with the bug so that they get a more informative error message, but I would also like to create a pre-processor subroutine. This brings me to my next question.

How do I go about creating a pre-processor subroutine? I see the option for specifying a subroutine in my problem editor (I don’t use xml directly), but I don’t see where I should be putting it. I can’t find any documentation on it, so if you know of a document, if you could point me to it, that would be great.


Mr. Angus Findlay
Math Department, Mount Allison University
Sackville, New Brunswick

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