[LON-CAPA-users] problems with Chrome browser?

Joseph Mingrone jrm at mathstat.dal.ca
Tue Nov 19 22:28:48 EST 2013

Raymond Batchelor <batchelo at sfu.ca> writes:
> In the only report I received, the student was working Nov 17 at
> ~11:20AM PST.  In the evening of the same day, they successfully
> completed their assignment, apparently from the same IP and using the
> same access server.
> They appear to have been using "Safari on Win client".  What that
> actually means I'm not sure.
> I have not been able to reproduce the phenomenon myself yet.
> I've tried Chrome/Win and Firefox/win, Firexfox/MacOSX and
> Safari/iOS7.0.4(iphone4), so far, and could NOT reproduce the
> phenomenon, yet.

One student showed me the problem.  When she switched browsers, the
problem resolved.  I'll try and get more information and/or isolate the
problem and submit a bug report.


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