[LON-CAPA-users] Test issue. Grades mysteriously changing upwards.

Bill Baxter gwb6 at psu.edu
Wed Mar 27 17:33:52 EDT 2013

I recently used LON-CAPA for a class exam.  I ran into a problem where 
the computer exam grade changed over a period of 7-10 days following the 
exam.   It looked like the computer was grading the exam questions very 
slowly so that the number right gradually increased for a few students.

All exam questions were created in a folder and the folder was hidden 
prior to the exam time.  The exam folder's parameters were set:  time 
limit interval was 110 min, Show Problem Status was No, due date was set 
to shortly after the exam's conclusion, Client IP control was set to the 
IP numbers of the machines in the room. Following the exam, I again hid 
the exam folder.

The student spreadsheet entry for the exam grade simply summed the 
correct problems (with each part worth 1) and multiplied that sum by a 
constant.  Over the course of days, I saw the number of correct problems 
and the exam grade jump from a low to high value for some students.  It 
was as though LON-CAPA graded only some of the problems for certain 
students and then suddenly graded the remaining but with different 
students graded on different days.    I am confident that students were 
not able to change their answers after the exam's conclusion.  Clearly 
this is a problem for me!  I am scheduled to give another exam in two 
weeks time.  Can anyone tell me what is going on and what I'm doing wrong?

Best wishes,

             Bill Baxter

      Dr. G. William Baxter                     gwb6 at psu.edu
        Physics Department
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