[LON-CAPA-users] Bubblesheet Grading: Use same CODE for a copy of a course folder?

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Thu Feb 21 12:00:47 EST 2013

I am also unsure about what *exactly* happened.
What I do believe, is that the exam questions generated for any particular CODE are also dependent upon the exact course and sequence from which it was generated.   

So, it seems easier, to me, to move students rather than questions. 
Thus, my solution in a similar situation (since the students have already answered the questions) might be to enroll these students in both courses from which their exam questions were generated. One could set these students as enrolled "in the past", so as to distinguish them from current students and prevent them from seeing the "process".
Unfortunately, it sounds to me like the switched questions were only *some* of the questions from a particular sequence, rather than an entire sequence.

Of course if there are only 4 different exam versions, it might just be simpler to grab the key answers for those versions and grade the students outside LON-CAPA in a spreadsheet or database (which is what I like to do anyway).  Of course this will not satisfy you if you were expecting to open up those questions for the students in LON-CAPA afterward.

Perhaps someone who is intimate with the programming of this can suggest how you might make one course-sequence mimic a different course-sequence.  

Not me .... though I am intrigued as to what the best solution might be.

We had something like this happen once, but it was an entire exam taken from a previous course.  We fortunately did not plan to open up those questions to the students online, ever.  So, we just enrolled the students in the original course, graded them and output the scores from Chart, for inclusion elsewhere.

Good luck with this.


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Not sure if I completely understood your problem but if the bubble sheets have the codes and when grading if you do not select anything in the "Save CODEs to validate against" then LC will use what is on the bubble sheet to grade the exam. 


On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 7:38 AM, Stefan Bisitz < st.bisitz at ostfalia.de > wrote: 

Hi Bubblesheet graders, 

Your help is needed :-) 

We have two similar CODEd Exams, each with two different 4 digit numerical CODEs, all in one course, two folders. The PDF files have been printed. Bubblesheets have been filled in by the students corresponding to the questions in the PDF files. The sheets have been scanned and then uploaded to and graded in LON-CAPA. 

We unfortunately had a mistake in the chain of process of one of our Bubblesheet exams. It turned out that one part of the assignments for the second exam have been switched with the questions (and CODE) of the first exam! Hence, we stopped the validation check for the second exam and the grading has not been processed so far for any student. 

So, we have the answers for randomized questions we currently do not have. Is there any chance to create backwards a corresponding exam for these questions with the CODE of the first exam which were meant for the second exam? This would be okay in this case. 

My idea: 
- Copy the course folder of the first exam 
- Split the scanner results of the second exam by the two CODEs 
- One Bubblesheet grading for the scanner results with the correct CODE in the folder for the second exam 
- Another Bubblesheet grading for the scanner results with the "incorrect" CODE in the new folder 

I am not sure about the way how the CODEs and randomization are created. Is it guaranteed that the copy of folder allows to use the same CODE as used for the original folder? We need to make sure that the randomization is fitting. 

Thanks for any help, 
Stefan Bisitz 
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