[LON-CAPA-users] multiple string responses in any order

REX ABERT ABERTR at tcc.fl.edu
Wed Feb 20 11:15:22 EST 2013

I have a similar situation with some math problems I've made.  Perhaps the following can be adapted to what you need?

<formularesponse samples="x at -3:3#4" id="101">
       <responseparam name="tol" type="tolerance" default="0.1%" description="Numerical Tolerance" />
        <answergroup type="ordered">
            <answer name="both" type="unordered">
        <textline readonly="no" size="30" /> + <textline readonly="no" size="30" />
Rex Abert
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Tallahassee Community College
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Hi All,

I know this can be done using a customresponse and will go ahead with that if needed, but I wanted to see if I was overlooking something built into Lon-Capa…  We want students to give the IUPAC names of the five structural isomers of C6H14. Is there a way to create a stringresponse with multiple text entry areas that will then check to see that all five answers have been entered without regard to order?  Somehow I thought I had seen somewhere that that could be done and if the wheel has already been invented…  Thanks as always,


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technologies
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois
dmills at illinois.edu<mailto:dmills at illinois.edu>
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