[LON-CAPA-users] assigning students to slots

Carl Lira lira at egr.msu.edu
Sun Feb 10 17:42:39 EST 2013

I am struggling to assign student to slots. Has anyone created a screencast
about this? Or can you guide me by text words? I want to preassign students.
I  can create the slots, but there are no students in them. I never get a
page to add students. I can display the slots, but I can't see how to add


I also tried to understand the documentation to create slots by uploading a
csv file, but the procedure is not clear for the format of the file. Is
there supposed to be one slot per line? Or one student per line with the
other columns duplicating the slot information? According to the docs the
usernames are supposed to be comma separated which would indicate one line
per slot, but in a csv file, that would not make sense because each would be
interpreted as a separate field.


I want to break my class into two halves based on when the work on an
computer lab project. I want the two halves of the class to have different
due dates based on the slots. I may have some follow-up questions after I
get the slots created. I can't understand how to assign one resource to two
different slots? Do I make two copies of the resource and then assign one
copy to each slot? Or do I indicate the relationship starting from the slots
and then selecting a single copy of the resource for each slot?




Carl Lira

Michigan State


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