[LON-CAPA-users] Variable sig figs (not a range)

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 27 16:16:54 EDT 2012

HI All,

There may be an obvious way to do this, but it’s escaping me if so.  We want students to enter masses they are measuring in the lab to the hundredths place, but we’re in a range where they could be dealing with numbers more or less than 10, so 3 or 4 sig figs. I know we can accept a range of 3,4, but ideally what we’d really like to do is to require answers to “2f”.  I know I could do this using a custom response, but before evaluating whether or not it’s worth that effort, is there a way to do this using a numerical response?

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Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technologies
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois
dmills at illinois.edu
(217) 244-5739

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