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Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
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Sorry for the apparent non sequitur.

I had forgotten that the list will not automatically accept messages with attachments...  

So read these 2 "Original Messages" in reverse order (and you might have to just imagine the little screen shot I had attached to my first message).


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An afterthought:

If you DO decide to upload "Points", remember to set the weight parameter of the problem to be maxPoints *before* you upload. Afterward, you can set the weight to be "0" so that no points are included in the grading or chart displays.  The result of doing this is that the system will retain the appropriate "Partial Credit Factor", so that if you ever decided to set the weight to be positive non-zero you would get the appropriate partial score.

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Hi Jennifer,

There are one or two "tricks" to this:

1) Keep your score upload resource "hidden" until after you are finished uploading marks so that you can play with the parameters and check what will become viewable by the students by using the grading interface.

2) When you upload scores select either "Grade Info" or "Comment" from the droplist.  Those are fields which just display text on the score upload resource page without any association with the  summation or calculation of net grades.
3) *AFTER* you have uploaded whatever text or numbers you want displayed on that page, you can set a few parameters so that will achieve your ends of showing only the text you have uploaded and no other distracting feedback that is usually associated with an assessment resource.
    a) set the weight to be 0 
    b) set the maxtries parameter to be -1
    c) depending upon what the sequence default date parameters are, you might want to set the resource to be past due and past answerdate

As an aside, I should mention that the GradeInfo and Comment options will accept and parse html, so I have found it useful to include haml tags in my uploaded texts so that I can format, somewhat, the information I display for the students.  

Attached is a sample of what such a screen 'might' look like.  Note thatthe "Grade Info" is in larger fontsize and with a blue bgcolr, while the "Comment" has the yellow bgcolor.

Don't forget to "unhide" the resource when you are happy with what you have uploaded.

I should mention that sometimes I also upload the "Points" aa well, as the "Grade Info" and "Comment". It doesn't really hurt because I eventually set the weight to "0" anyway... but that way, if you ever decided that you wanted to download those Points (marks) from LON-CAPA again you would have an avenue to that.

Have fun.



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Subject: [LON-CAPA-users] Displaying grades for non-Lon-Capa content

Hello all, 

As a relatively new user of Lon-Capa, I apologize in advance if this is a basic question that I should have been able to figure out on my own. I’ve read through the Course Coordinator Manual and the FAQ online but am still having some trouble J 

We would like to be able to post grades within Lon-Capa for assignments that are completed outside of the system (for instance grades on written homework assignments and exams) but we do not necessarily want the Lon-Capa system to compute the overall course grades for each student. We are maintaining a separate complete gradebook through excel and that is where we plan to do the actual grade computations. However, we’d like to post the scores on individual assignments in Lon-Capa so the students can see them and make sure that what we’ve recorded matches what they received back as a score on the assignments/exams. We have other options for posting grades for students on our campus (a Blackboard based CMS or a departmental run gradebook), but we were hoping to keep everything in one place to make things simpler for the students. 

I understand how to use the “Score Upload Form” to enter a set of scores and have successfully done that. However, I would like to know if there is a way to change the way these scores are displayed to the students. I’ve experimented with the different course configuration settings for grades (standard, external, spreadsheet) but none seem to display the scores just as we’d like. Essentially I would like the student to see a list of each assignment/assessment with their score along with the total possible points for that assignment/assessment. We do not want the system to sum these scores or show the overall sum of possible points because different categories have different weights (exams count for a certain percentage, written homework for a different percentage, etc). In both the standard and spreadsheet grading formats, the total points are displayed. In the external grading format, the total points aren’t displayed but scores on the individual assignments/assessments are also not displayed (just the parts completed). 

Is there a way to “turn off” the Max total points possible that shows up in the Standard grading setting? If not, is there a way to do what we want with the spreadsheet setting? If anyone has experience using the spreadsheet setting, I would love to hear any quick advice/suggestions you might have. 

Thanks a lot! 

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