[LON-CAPA-users] View problems after due date with no answers?

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
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Hi Douglas,
            Welll.... you could try setting different date parameters for the two kinds of students.  If there is a lot of them, perhaps you could assign the newly added students to a special section and then set different date parameters for only that section?

I can't immediately thing of a way to hide the correct answers for an assignment which is past due AND past answerdate.


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View problems after due date with no answers? HI All, 

Another question from left field... I’m not finding a way that students can look over their work after a due date apart from releasing the answers to them. In the testing I’m doing, the Show Problem Status parameter does not seem to prevent the answer from being shown and I’m guessing that’s not what it’s intended to do(?) Here’s our use case— CHEM 101 is a remedial intro course that after the first hourly exam in CHEM 102 lots of students will drop down into. However, CHEM 101 is running right now and has its own hourly exam coming up. The instructors don’t want to open answers to the homework because of the expected influx of students who will need to make up the homework, but for those already in the course, several homework assignments have passed their due dates, so they can no longer see what they did. Thanks as always for the excellent guidance! 


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