[LON-CAPA-users] Correct selection of optionresponse

Christian Knieling knieling at kit.edu
Mon May 14 09:58:38 EDT 2012


is there a way of showing the right choice of answers of an
optionresponse problem like in the following example:

  <startouttext /> Find the correct answers <endouttext />
  <parameter name="maxtries" id="11" type="int_pos" default="2"
description="Maximum Number of Tries" />
  <optionresponse max="4">
    <foilgroup options="('true','false')" checkboxvalue="true"
      <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil1">
         <startouttext /> statement1 <endouttext />
      <foil location="random" value="true" name="foil2">
         <startouttext /> statement2 <endouttext />
      <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil3">
         <startouttext /> statement3 <endouttext />
      <foil location="random" value="true" name="foil4">
         <startouttext /> statement4 <endouttext />
      <foil location="random" value="true" name="foil5">
         <startouttext /> statement5 <endouttext />
      <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil6">
         <startouttext /> statement6 <endouttext />
  <block condition="&check_status(0)==2">
    <startouttext />
      Solution: $TheRightChoice
    <endouttext />

Our intention is that the student should be told the correct answer to
the problem after two tries.

The question is if there exists anything like $TheRightChoice?

Thanks and greetings from Germany,


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