[LON-CAPA-users] Managing Time Slots - How to set the parameter "Period of time slot is unique"

Amos Lee lee at math.usask.ca
Fri Jun 29 22:38:06 EDT 2012

Hi All,

When setting up time slots, I'm not exactly sure I understand how to set 
the parameter "period of time slot is unique", which I will abbreviate as 
"POTSIU".  Does POTSIU have anything to do with preventing a student from 
signing up for more than one time slot during the specified period?

    Say, I want to have three 60-min time slots for running the same test 
made available to students to sign up:

Time Slot_n: (start time, end time) on Day_n
Time Slot_1: (t1, t1 + 60 min) on Day_1
Time Slot_2: (t3, t3 + 60 min) on Day_2
Time Slot_3: (t5, t5 + 60 min) on Day_3

(Assume the three slot intervals are mutually exclusive.)  Should I set 
POTSIU for all three time slots to the time interval (t1, t5 + 60 min)? Or 
should I

1. set "POTSIU" for Slot_1 to (t1, t1 + 60 min),
2. set "POTSIU" for Slot_2 to (t3, t3 + 60 min), and
3. set "POTSIU" for Slot_3 to (t5, t3 + 60 min)?

I would like a student who has signed up for Slot_1 but did not attend 
Slot_1, for example, to be able to sign up to attend a later slot if there 
are still vacancies in a later slot.


Amos Lee
Math & Stats
Univ of Sask

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