[LON-CAPA-users] A course with no Content Close Date for a Sample Test?

Amos Lee lee at math.usask.ca
Tue Jun 5 21:27:15 EDT 2012

Hi Stuart,

I did some testing on the desired features of our Sample Test yesterday, 
and this is what I found out on a test course that I created.  The 
following parameters were in effect:

(a) Problem Opening Date: set appropriately
(b) Problem Due Date: not set
(c) Problem Answer Date: not set
(d) Content Opening Date: set appropriately
(e) Time-Limit: set to 70 mins
(f) Show Problem Status: set to "No, show no feedback at all"
(g) Max number of tries: set to 999
(h) Content Close Date: not set

Here are some of my findings:

1. Before the 70 minutes have elapsed, the student would not be able to see 
the test score even when the student is finished with the test (Main Menu > 
Grading and Statistics > View current problem status and grading 
information).  (This is as expected, and is OK.)

2. During the 70-min test, immediately after each submission of a question, 
the following system response is seen: "Your final submission will be 
graded after the due date."  (That may be a bit confusing for us since 
there is no explicit "due date" in this scenario.)

3. After the 70 minutes have expired, the student still would not be able 
to see the test score UNLESS I intervene by initiating an action such as 
"View calculated grades (Spreadsheet)" or "View the course assessment 
progress chart".  After that, the test score would be available to the 
student.  As well, the student will be able to see which questions were 
answered wrong under Course Contents.

    I'm just wondering whether there is a way for the person who took the 
(sample) test to see the test score after the test has timed out without 
the need for me to intervene.  Ideally we would like our Sample Test to run 
on "auto-pilot" so-to-speak in the sense that it would not require my 
attention every time someone takes a sample test.

Amos Lee
Math & Stats
Univ of Sask

On 04/06/2012 4:40 PM, Amos Lee wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Stuart.
> >  If you use the Time-Limit parameter, then a specific due date is not
> >  required.  Once the student has clicked the "Show Resource" button to
> >  start the timer, thereafter LON-CAPA will internally calculate the
> >  "due date" for that particular student to be the "Student Access Time"
> >  (i.e., time when the student started the timer) + time interval (set
> >  for the resource or folder).
> >
> I see.
> >  How many tries were you considering allowing students for each
> >  question in the Sample Math Placement Test?
> >
> "999" or some such large number (as in the real test).  In fact, we would
> like this new version of the Sample Test to behave just like the real test
> except for maybe just one difference:
> * In the ACTUAL test, the answers and solutions are never released to
> student even after the test is over.
> * In the SAMPLE test, we would like the answers/solutions to be accessible
> to the student after the test is over.
> Indeed, we will still set the "show problem status" parameter to "no" in
> the Sample Test (as we do in the real test).  This means that we don't want
> students to know whether the questions have been answered right or wrong
> until AFTER the test is over (as determined by the "answer date" parameter).
> >  What type of usernames will these be, i.e., usernames authenticated by
> >  a central service (e.g., Kerberos, LDAP etc.), or e-mail addresses
> >  which require completion of account creation via a token sent to the
> >  e-mail address provided by the student?
> >
> I am leaning more towards the latter so that practically anyone (including
> non-students such as teachers/counsellors) would be able to register into
> the course to have a concrete experience of what the sample test (and hence
> the real test) is about.  Indeed, I tested the auto-account creation
> feature of 2.10 in the summer of 2011, and it works great.
> Amos Lee
> Math&  Stats
> Univ of Sask

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