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Just to finish this thread with our Happy Ending... While I have not yet successfully figured out how to track down the parts of a sequence in the Spreadsheet (due to a gradebook developed here on campus, use of the Lon-Capa gradebook in general on our campus has been very limited, so not much institutional knowledge here on that), but I realized that using “View the Course Assessment Progress Chart”, choosing the sequence under Sequences and Folders, choosing Excel under Output Format and Scores per Problem under Output Data generates a spreadsheet that can quite easily be worked in Excel to provide totals for each attempt completed by each student (it’s necessary but easy to find and replace empty cells with zeros so as to not cause Excel headaches in the process). In our case, since attempt 2 was worth 90% of total points and attempt 3 worth 80% we just put that into the mix too and then used the Max function to find each student’s best outcome.

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(1) We had thought that a sequence is like a folder in terms of the course hierarchy, so setting a time limit of 30 minutes at the sequence level shows a time limit of 30 minutes at the resource level for each of the three separate problems in the sequence. That seems right. HOWEVER, once you start a problem, it turns out that all THREE problems appear to have been started and the clock is ticking on all three. That was not our intent. The intent was that the time limit for each of the three problems in the sequence would be independent of the other problems. Is this because we set the time limit at the sequence level and would that be fixed by setting the time limit at the individual resourc levels?

It's been a while since I've done any timing, but as I recall this is exactly the way it works (or used to work) when you set a time limit on a folder.  This is how you can administer, for example, a 2-hr exam.  I think you've got two options--set the parameter at the resource level, or give the sequence a 90 minute time limit.  Although the latter is not exactly what you want.

(2) We had counted on there being a separate point total for each of the three problems in the spreadsheet, but in fact it turns out that the sequence has an entry in the gradebook consisting of the total of the three quizzes, rather than each of the three quizzes being considered separately.  Any way to get the points of each of the quizzes separately rather than a lump sum for the sequence?

If you're using the actual spreadsheet, I think this should be possible without much effort.  I don't know about the other "gradebook" methods.  What, exactly, do you mean when you say, "in the spreadsheet"?


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