[LON-CAPA-users] The Way Sequences Work(?)

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On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:34 AM, Mills, Douglas G <dmills at illinois.edu>wrote:

> (1) We had thought that a sequence is like a folder in terms of the course
> hierarchy, so setting a time limit of 30 minutes at the sequence level shows
> a time limit of 30 minutes at the resource level for each of the three
> separate problems in the sequence. That seems right. HOWEVER, once you start
> a problem, it turns out that all THREE problems appear to have been started
> and the clock is ticking on all three. That was not our intent. The intent
> was that the time limit for each of the three problems in the sequence would
> be independent of the other problems. Is this because we set the time limit
> at the sequence level and would that be fixed by setting the time limit at
> the individual resourc levels?

It's been a while since I've done any timing, but as I recall this is
exactly the way it works (or used to work) when you set a time limit on a
folder.  This is how you can administer, for example, a 2-hr exam.  I think
you've got two options--set the parameter at the resource level, or give the
sequence a 90 minute time limit.  Although the latter is not exactly what
you want.

> (2) We had counted on there being a separate point total for each of the
> three problems in the spreadsheet, but in fact it turns out that the
> sequence has an entry in the gradebook consisting of the total of the three
> quizzes, rather than each of the three quizzes being considered separately.
>  Any way to get the points of each of the quizzes separately rather than a
> lump sum for the sequence?

If you're using the actual spreadsheet, I think this should be possible
without much effort.  I don't know about the other "gradebook" methods.
What, exactly, do you mean when you say, "in the spreadsheet"?

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